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Casablanca (Arabic: الدار البيضاء, ed-Dar el-Beida, Berber: ⴰⵏⴼⴰ, Anfa, literally meaning hill) is a city in western Morocco. It is the largest city in Morocco in terms of population and the economic heart of the country. Casablanca literally means white house in Spanish. The city almost coincides with the eponymous prefecture of Casablanca, part of the Grand Casablanca region. The city of Casablanca has over 4 million inhabitants, making it the largest city in Morocco. It is also the country's main port, located on the Atlantic Ocean.

Since its completion in 1993, Casablanca is home to the Hassan II Mosque, a modern grand mosque built by order of King Hassan II located on Bd Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah, between the harbor and the El-Hank lighthouse on the coast with views over the Atlantic Ocean. Close to the mosque is also the old medina. Economy

The Greater Casablanca region is seen as the engine of the development of the Moroccan economy. It is responsible for 39% of the national production and 60% of the industrial workforce. The region consumes 35% of the national electricity production. With MAD 86 billion, the region accounts for 54% of industrial production. 41% of the country's industrial exports come from the Greater Casablanca region. 30% of the Moroccan banking sector is located in Casablanca. For decades, Casablanca has developed into a larger metropolis. This is partly due to the construction of many office buildings and a larger harbour. The activities of the Casablanca and Mohammedia ports account for 55% of Moroccan international trade. 48% of passenger transport in Morocco passes through Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport.[3]

The population of Greater Casablanca is estimated at over 4.2 million (2014). 98% of them live in urban areas. 25% are under 15 years old and 8.7% are over 60 years old. The city's population is about 12% of Morocco's total population. Greater Casablanca is also the largest urban area in the Maghreb. The population consists of three main ethnic groups. The most important group is that of the 'Roubie, descendants of Arab nomadic tribes, who settled in this area in the 13th century. The second important group are the Swassa, Berbers from the Agadir area. A third and smallest group are the Fessies. The last two groups traditionally belong to the economically upper class of Casablanca and all of Morocco.

Casablanca Travel Information

The city:

Casablanca is the largest city and the most cosmopolitan of Marocco. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean ath the mouth of the river Bou Regreg.

This city a lot of different things, beginning with luxury boutiques, a lot of nightclubs and different fast food chains you will find nearly everything.

Places to be:

Visit one of the typical steam bath in a traditional hammam, for example the “Solidarite Feminine).

Famous as Blackpool of Morocco are “the Corniche”. This is a boardwalk full of different restaurants and nightclubs, where you can spend time and enjoy the sea breeze.

The main square called Place Mohammed V, which has a large fountain with colorful lights at night.

Parking and Traffic:

Casablanca is a busy city, so as well the traffic. Since there are enough guarded parking you will have no trouble finding a parking if you rented a car. It isn't recommended to park your car in the street.


Casablanca supplies quite different accommodations from cheaper ones close the Medina and in the same streets around you will find luxury hotels. However there is a lot of ‘hotel delivery’ if you want to rent a car. This is the most comfortable way to receive your vehicle.


The international airport is called Mohammed V Aiport (CMN) and is 30 kilometers located to the south of Casablanca.

From the city center you take the highway to Settat; from the northeastern districts of Casablanca you take the highway to Marrakech. The exit to the airport is clearly indicated. So it is easy to find if you want to hire a car at the airport.

Cheaper airlines like GERMANWINGS and VUELING are having this destination.

The smaller airport Casablanca-Anfa (CAS) is mainly used for local flights.

Public Transport:

Casablanca has good public bus transport, which in general includes trains, trams, buses and taxis. Ask the taxi driver before the trip about the price. Travelling with public transport is not easy. Visit the CTM  and ONCF website for detailed information on this mode of transportation.

Casablanca Activities Guide

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